Fitness Photography

Selling the experience of having a personal trainer or other fitness professional, many find challenging. Relying on stock photography only gets you so far before you find yourself repeating images, limited with options and struggling to see your brand in the photos you post.

You help people achieve real results, that needs representing with high quality images of real people.

As a fitness photographer I can capture your personality and services in pictures that are authentic and unique. Together we’ll build trust with your audience and sell the experience better than any stock images - ultimately helping you gain more clients.

If you’re a personal trainer, sports brand or other health professional, I offer tailored photography packages that suit a variety of your business needs. 

My One-off Photography Package Includes:

•   A free pre-photoshoot consultation

•   A curated mood-board for inspiration

•   An hour reccie photoshoot at your chosen location

•   An hour professional photoshoot with you, be it at a gym with a client, at the office, in your kitchen or another lifestyle setting

•   High quality edited images from the shoot and reccie, retouched to suit your brands’ aesthetic

•   Permission to use on any digital and print media

•   License to use in a location of your choice, that could even be WORLDWIDE

•   Online liaison with me after to ensure you get the most of every photograph

Just like you, I care about each of my clients and take the time to help you get the most from the photographs I deliver. ​​​​​​​

Why Stop There?

You could take advantage of my skills and creativity to produce a professional photo library that you can call on for marketing all areas of your fitness business.

I also offer a repeat photoshoot package that means we can cover every service you provide and pack out your content with authentic imagery. Check out more on this on my packages & pricing page here...