One-Off Photography

Get a singluar photoshoot with free consultation, free reccie, mood board, shot list and, professionally retouched images in your very own private gallery ready for you to download in high resolution.

Starts from: £150
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I'm Not Shy About Pricing


I’m a firm believer not to trust anyone who hides their costs.

That being said it’s hard for me to show exact figures for each of my packages for the simple fact that they’re so flexible. You can choose which parts you do and don’t want as well as look at the other skills I have that can benefit you, consider them an ‘add-on’.

Depending on your project, what you’re expecting can be amended to suited to your budget. This is why I wouldn’t want you to assume you have to stick to price shown. I can whip up a more specific estimate and easily talk you through it once you enquire. Don't worry, there's no pressure to commit when you ask for a quote.

  • What the project is or the package you’re looking for?
  • Who’s involved and where it’ll happen? – To help me figure out expenses
  • What you’ll use the photographs or digital work for, how long and where? – To help me figure out the Usage Rate for the License to Use the images (both explained below)

Things I will need to know in order to do that are:


What is a Usage Fee?

I calculate my usage rate for commercial clients based on the governing body Association of Photographers' usage calculator. This means I enter my base rate and your terms of use for the images (as you’ll have answered in your questionnaire) to figure out how much the License to Use will be.

What is a License to Use?

As the work is created by me the rights are owned by me too, however this is in effect a contract that loans you the use of the images for the terms agreed. The License to Use is easy to adjust and can be renewed after the term ends if required.

How do I book a shoot?

It so easy, just take the first step by contacting me and sharing the details of the package or project you have in mind. You'll then get access to my calendar to secure your date.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! For my repeat clients, 0% interest payment plans are available. We will complete a contract detailing the timeline you are happy with prior to the shoot and deduct your deposit. Payment is exected on the same day each month and late payments will be charged with interest according the the terms and conditions attached.

Do you work internationally?

Of course! My main clientele are fitness retreat companies, so travelling for commissions comes as standard. I have experience with completing bespoke destination photography for previous clients. Reach out if you've got a project similar that we could work on together.

What payment methods are available?

I accept BACS payments upon invoice dates or payment plan contracts. I will accept cash for prints or downloads, please let me know if you prefer to pay this way.